Monday, February 20, 2006

Peter Goes to Nepal

This is another card from Peter, who can also be seen in the January & February archives with cards from India and Morocco.

Can't read the postmark on this card, but the card was sent to that dump I was living in from 1992 - 1994. (I call it a dump because it had raccoons in the attic, and one day I came home and looked down at my white socks, and they were covered with fleas! I'd never seen a flea in my life before I moved to Texas.)

The card was mailed from Nepal, and there are two colorful stamps -- one R. 1 (one rupee) with photos of two temples, and one R. 9 -- artwork depicting either homes on the side of a mountain, or arrows on a chart pointing up, or perhaps both.

Peter notes that this card is sent from, "Nepal, Now", which is a nice way to put it, but it makes it sort of difficult to archive (if I were into archiving, that is.)

He also notes that he is on a 6 week break from school in Norway and he's enjoying hiking, swimming, hot springs, excellent food, etc. He also writes, "Almost 100% neef (ueef? meet? ueel?) July or August. (that European handwriting can be hard for me to read at times, but I'm sure I knew what he meant back when he wrote it.)

Peter mentions that he is applying to graduate school.

You can put a lot of information on a tiny postcard.


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