Friday, February 03, 2006

Peter Goes to Morocco

Here is another postcard from one of Peter's travels -- this one from Morocco, mailed to my Ft. Hood, TX address (must have been 1990 - 92) from Ceskoslovensko (Czechoslovakia). (doh! Peter dated it 1/26/92) The stamp says "5 Kcs, Cechy-Nachodsko" (and I'm omitting the diacritical marks, thus probably changing the meaning entirely) and it has a picture of a castle turret or something like that.

The card caption says "Maroc Typique/Typical Morocco" -- plus what I'm assuming is the same thing in Arabic, but who knows, perhaps it says "Tourist Trap"!?

Excerpts from the back of the postcard:

"Hello, Hello!

Thanks for your letter. I'm on my way from Morocco back to school in Norway. It looks like I'm going to be in Norway most of this year; however, I'm still planning to apply to some grad schools in (?) (for the fall of 1993) Span & Morocco = fun. A 4-week vacation seems to be too short for me. (happy face)

Saludos! Peter"


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