Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kellee Goes to Leningrad

A dear friend I met when I lived in Germany, Kellee, sent me this postcard dated 24 March 93 from Leningrad (now St. Petersburg -- or rather, St. Petersburg once again.) I was living on W. 30th Street in Austin at the time. (A nice little walk to my office.)

Kellee was a great travel companion and a lot of fun, and we went all over Central Europe in the mid-1980's.

This is a picture of the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism (the former Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan).

The card was sent from Russia with two Russian stamps -- 50 something and 10 something (I have no idea what the currency/denomination is -- underneath the numeral is a symbol that looks like "py6".

Excerpts of Kellee's message:

"Dear Susan,

Greetings comrade! We are in Phase (2 ?) of our journey. We traveled overnight by train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. St. Pete. really is the Venice of the North. The Hermitage is beautiful, December Square wonderful and there are canals everywhere (a lot are frozen). The people are very interesting. We walked through a pro-communist rally 2 nights ago in Moscow. It was outside the white house."


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