Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Go to Girl Scout Camp, and My Counselors Beg My Parents to Pick Me Up

From 5th grade through high school, I spent from 2 - 6 weeks each summer at Girl Scout Camp in the Colorado Rockies. This was always my favorite part of the year -- I learned a lot and developed some cool skills. (lanyard weaving, gorp making, tent pitching -- I use still use those skills on a regular basis.) (actually, it WAS a lot fun!)

Can't read the year on the postcard, but the stamp is a $.04 Civil War Centennial (Shiloh) 1862-1962.

This card was sent to my parents from two of my camp counselors. Do you detect a note of quiet desperation in their message?

"Dear Mr. & Mrs. B.,

Susan is having a wonderful time here and we really enjoy having her with us.

Today we are going arching and are making ropes. Tomorrow we are cooking out.

See you Monday, July 8th, between 10:00 & noon.

Smokey & Gabby"

Uh, guess they wanted to make certain that my family remembered to pick me up from camp!


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