Friday, February 03, 2006

Jimmy Goes to Bhutan

Jimmy is a fellow postcard collector from Ireland -- we exchanged a number of postcards in the early 1990's. Most of his cards were from Ireland, but he's done some other traveling, including Asia. Travel to Bhutan (if I remember correctly), is very difficult, as the country strictly limits the number of visitors in an attempt to preserve the culture. I believe that Peter, whose postcard from India you'll find a few down, also traveled to Bhutan. (and sent me a postcard.)

This postcard was actually mailed from Ireland with an "Eire 38" stamp (uncanceled and undated, so I'm not sure when it was sent.) It was mailed to W. 30th in ATX, so it must have been between 1992 - 94.

Excerpts from the back of the card:

"Hi Susan, Happy New Year!

I bought some of these cards from the Bhutan post office. As it turned out they were cheaper than buying Irish cards, even after postage! . . .

So far we've escaped the snow they've had further north & am now looking forward to visiting the D-Day sites of Normandy in April.

All the best, Jimmy"


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