Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stu and Charlona go to Namibia

This card is from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who traveled to Namibia this summer. The stamp features a beautiful leopard. Stu and Char are quite organized -- they pre-print mailing labels before they go on a trip, and each postcard features a date and location where written. Nothing to snark at here!

Selected comments from the back of postcard:

Goeie More from Namibia!

We've seen incredible bird life here, and beuatiful desert scenes like this card. I think we were in the same (pan?) as this picture. Lots of animals -- oryx, springbok, warthog, eland, kudu, lizards, beetles. Weaver bird nest as big as a VW Bug!

We're staying in great lodges with excellent food. On a trip to a sea lion colony, several times some more time ones would jump up onto the boat and get fish! Desert elephants today, then on to Etosha Park. (Written in transit & Ongava.)

Caption (from back of card):
Camelthorn tree stranded on a clay island at Dead (?obscured by postal markings) in the Namib Desert.

Photo: Wyand du Plessis ©


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