Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jason Goes to Japan AND Israel, and I get a Postcard from Yale (wtf?)

I suppose Jason didn't know about the Postcard Rule when he went to Japan (esp. as this is a rule I've sort of made up along the way). And Jason did try to send a postcard from Israel, but it either got lost in the mail, or was never sent by the person who was supposed to mail it.

So I was pleased to eventually get a post card from him, hand delivered, from his recent trip from Yale. Look at all of those books!!

Hmm, he seems to have the usual physics major half cursive/half printed hand. I'm sure there is physics majors' handwriting out there that defies my expectations, but there really does seem to be a pattern.

Some of the note from the back of the card:

"I'm in Connecticut for a few days for my lab, and I thought that I'd hate to be the sort of guy who forgets the Postcard Rule. . . Nice place, though, if you ignore the parking situation."

What this is, from the caption on the back of the card:

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Photo: Thomas P. Benincas, Jr.
(hmmm, I wonder if Tom googles his own name?) (my name googled will give you "about" 327,000 hits. and if you act fast and google pictures underpants --without quotes-- you'll see my other blog as the first of 714,000 entries. this most likely has something to do with the Underpants of Science Museum.)

and there are still quite a few postcards to come from this summer's treks, to include Isaiah's card from Spain, Liz's card from Iowa, another card from Don (Spain this time), a couple more from Sidd, Ronda's card from Colorado, Amalia and Sierra's Doll's Head on a Fencepost masterpiece from West Texas, and from Robbie (if she can find it) a card from Cuba (which she couldn't mail from Cuba because mail can't get here from there!), etc. etc.


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