Saturday, August 26, 2006

Don Goes to Portugal and Spain and Sends a Card from a Deserted Island (well, Beach)

(Click on the picture and look for the people.)

Don, the tireless lecture coordinator for the ACA, recently got roped into sending me a postcard from his recent trip to Portugal and Spain. (Note to my audience -- if you want to avoid being pestered for postcards, don't tell me your travel plans!)

So, what's with Portugal? I thought there would surely be scads of Northern Europeans lazing on the beach, frolicking in the surf, and taking wild and crazy boat rides, but nooooo! There is nary a person to be seen in this photo, and I even got out that little magnifying glass that comes with the compact edition of the OED to check! (btw, now that I can access the OED online through UT, I'm using that little magnifying glass more than those two big volumes of words.)

Back to the postcard. Did the Rapture happen in Portugal and nowhere else? Was there an e. coli outbreak on the beach? Did someone yell "Shark!"? Don seems to think that perhaps because it is a National Park, the tourists are all under water. (Don, what were you drinking?)

Don's printing is almost as small as that of a physics major, but not quite. He did put the coolest stamp on the card -- "Energia Solar, Portugal" complete with pretty blue solar panels. I think solar panel blue is the loveliest color on earth, and hope to see it more in the coming years, starting on our own roof.

It seems that Portugal may be a bit of a bargain, since the postage from Portugal is Euros ,75: the card sent from Espana is Euros ,78.



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