Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sidd Takes a Wild and Crazy Road Trip to CMU and Posts 3 Cards!

Sidd and a friend drove from Austin to Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon U!) via NOLA; Florida, Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; etc. etc.

Not the most direct route to be sure, but every evening they posted photos of their trip -- making funny faces at every "Welcome to the State of. . ." sign, taking pictures of every historic and architectural detail along the drive, and making funny faces at their food -- you should be proud of them -- they ate jambalaya, Creole sampler plates, pita with chicken & avocado, fresh seafood, etc. -- not one photo of McDonalds, or (shudder) Jack-in-the-Box.

Midway through the trip, Sidd sent this card showing Savannah and a gorgeous bridge. A couple of days later comes another card with "whaaa?" the same bridge. Only it's not the same bridge, it just looks like the same bridge. . . but that's for another card.

Sidd displays the small writing that is typical of physics majors; however, that may be a function of the small amount of writing space on a postcard. The stamp is the current USA .24 postcard stamp (glad to see this grad student isn't wasting funds by using too much postage!), and the stamp features a Common Buckeye butterfly.

More postcards to follow from Colorado, Portugal, Spain, Iowa, etc., as well as more from Sidd's trip.


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